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Jakarta – The word “Improvement” means the process of getting better. Knowing that improvement is very essential in day-to-day business operation, SEVANA Distribution as one of the healthcare distribution companies in Indonesia is also improving their SAP Business One (SBO) System in order to delivers the best value to their customer. BSI as the implementer of SAP Business One System in SEVANA Distribution is chosen for this opportunity to collaborate with SEVANA in improving their system.

On July 18th 2014, this project had officially enter its Go Live Phase which symbolized by a meeting between BSI and SEVANA management representative. After a brief explanation of the project progress and status by Mr. Haryo Hadiwijoyo as the Project Manager, SEVANA representative showed their appreciation for BSI support, effort and great collaboration between BSI and SEVANA project team during the project. But the road has not ended yet and starting from now the challenge is different, as described by SEVANA Director, Mr. Suroso “We have not finished yet, there is still a long rocky road after this. But with passion and great team work, you will enjoy that long rocky road and obtain many experiences along the way”

The good team work between BSI as the implementer and SEVANA as the user is what makes this project successfully delivered on schedule. For 9 months during the project period, both party members have gathered many experiences which can be beneficial for the company. BSI and SEVANA hope that the collaboration between both companies will keep continue in the future.