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Cikarang - To answer company needs for more coordinated system that can cope up with their hectic production schedule, BSI then introduces a manufacturing system from Japan called TPiCS through TPiCS seminar. This seminar is held on August 27th, 2013 on Grand Cikarang Hotel with participant coming from companies in MM2100, Jababeka and EJIP Industrial areas.

TPiCS is a Material Resource Planning (MRP) system which is highly adaptive to any kind of manufacturing process. This system is already used by more than 1,500 companies and more than 9,600 licenses worldwide. The words adaptive comes from the main core of TPiCS which are flexible (f-MRP) Production System and Manufacturing Number Control System which makes it applicable to any kind of manufacturing process in Indonesia.

In order to ensure a better understanding about the TPiCS System, BSI has invited a professional from TPiCS Laboratory in Japan which is Mr.  Masato Takano. The seminar itself is divided into 2 sessions which are Indonesian session and Japanese session whereas Mr. Takano is the spokesperson for both sessions. The attendee response to this seminar is really good and BSI hopes with this seminar their understanding and interest in the TPiCS product will increase.