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CSR Activity at SMAIT Baitussalam


On November 15th 2014, BSI once again was given wonderful chance to provide assistance for one of the school in Bogor area to improve their computer education. Located in Jl. Kartika Sejahtera No.1 Tajurhalang, Bogor, SMAIT Baitussalam is built on 1995 with around 20 – 30 students in each class. As an Islamic school SMAIT Baitussalam has several achievements not only in subject related to Islam but also general subject such as winner in science Olympiad for Bogor area, and other subject such as storytelling, debate and English speech.

In this CSR program BSI donate 20 computers alongside with internet modem for SMAIT Baitussalam in order to help improving the computer education quality. By this donation, BSI hope the student of SMAIT Baitussalam can have better information and knowledge related to the computer subject and also other general information which they can gather from the internet. BSI realizes that education is one of the most important things in life. Therefore, BSI will continuously conduct this kind of CSR in order to improve the quality of our young generation.