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Bekasi - Ramadhan is known to be a blessed month, where Muslim people reflect to their lives and how they help each other. To celebrate this month BSI also continue to conduct their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) campaign to help providing IT knowledge to teachers and students near the company area. Knowing the importance of IT as an inseparable part of today’s education and kids as Indonesia’s future, BSI decided to conduct their CSR campaign in Sekolah Al Falah, Bantar Gebang, Bekasi.

Sekolah Al Falah is an independent school built with the purpose to teach the children that lives near the Bantar Gebang Garbage Disposal. This school has more than 100 students with strong willingness to learn and get better education for their future. The founder of this school dedicated this school and the facilities inside for student with low economic background, thus making this school free of charge.

When conducting this CSR, BSI is not alone. Working together with KAJI (Komunitas Alumni Jepang Indonesia), BSI and KAJI providing not only computers, textbooks and writing tools to help the teaching and learning activities in this school. BSI and KAJI hope with these donations, the children of Al Falah can get better education for their future.