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CSR Activity at SD Cempaka Wangi


Jakarta – Work has always been a part of our life and office probably the very place we mostly spend our time. While juggling with works we might spend some time to see the news and to understand what happen in outside world but what about places that near to us. While we understand what happen in our government and other country, our neighborhood might be forgotten.

On September 27th 2014, BSI had an amazing opportunity to actually come and help one of the education institutions in its neighborhood. SD Cempaka Wangi is located in Cempaka Putih, Pulomas. This school has around 186 students ranging from class 1 to 6 and they still face problem in computer lesson due to the limitation of computer unit in their school. In order to support academic activity in SD Cempaka Wangi, BSI decided to donate several numbers of computer and other IT equipment like internet modem and USB WiFi adapter.

The CSR Program consisted of installation and training. The installation was conducted together by BSI team and school teachers. After complete all the installation and testing, BSI team conducted training for teachers. All of the training participants were so active and enthusiastic.

BSI realizes that education is one of the most important things in life. Therefore, BSI will continuously conduct this kind of CSR in order to improve the quality of our young generation.