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In BSI customers, here is the figure of BSI service coverage area which divided into infrastructure management, business application management and desktop management:

As part of our expertise and experience, BSI capabilities in managing IT Infrastructure Management Services in the area of Network and Communication cover the subject as:

  • Local Area Network (LAN) Managed Service is a service that aims to provide the secure office data exchange environment, both by providing [UPT base] cable as well as wireless LAN management.  
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) Managed Service is a service that covers the bandwidth management system and, by collaboration of local ISP, we also provide the line to be used as data transaction facilities.
  • Internet Managed Service is a service where we manage the overall internet usage management, that includes providing a service to prevent the corporate internet to be used for non-business purpose


As governs by ISO 20000, our service delivery involves activities as:

  • Incident & Problem Management is where we provide not only fast action to resolve any issue but also a trackable recording system for those issues. Comprehended by team and procedures, we provide periodic analysis and recommend improvement based on those analyse.
  • Monitoring management supported by dedicated person and comprehensive tools to fasten the identification of any outrage.
  • Configuration and Change Management with aims to smoothen the operation practice and manage risk of incorrect environment arrangement.
  • Capacity Management that includes sizing management, threshold management and completed with capacity monitoring and reporting.   
  • Communication Management that relate with reporting to customer, both through periodic report (session) and ad-hoc report, as necessary. 

These activities are carried out by a department of Network and Communication Unit, under the Infrastructure division.



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