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We provide full cycle of services from design, develop and manage to support client’s IT system requirement. Our managed service provides personalized services to each client by managing and determines a set of maintenance & support service for client’s day to day operation. 

We will support our client’s business necessity through IT system, so they can focus on their core business while BSI managing the IT system requirement.


Why should you consider this type of service?

a. Simplify client organizational life,  BSI minimizes client’s risk with assurance through service level agreement, shareable investment and resources cost. We provide client with a single interface design, development phase and maintenance & support phase for your IT assets.

b. Efficiency, the services allow client in achieving maximum efficiency through converting variable cost into fixed cost.

c. Compliance assurance, we know how to utilize software & hardware in respect to the Intellectual Property Right.

d. Firm system performance, our expertise and experience make us confident in providing firm system performance managed by a firm Service Level Agreement.

e. Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of IT asset, client will not need to provide investment required because the investment fund is converted into expenses cost. No IT people required since your IT matters will be managed by BSI



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