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Information is an essential resource for today’s businesses and also the key to growth and success. However, we need to ensure that the information held on our IT systems is secure. The impact of a security breach of your business information may be greater than you would expect. The losses from security breach can range from financial loss, brand or reputation compromised, intellectual property theft, homepage altered or defaced, and fraud.

A report by The Wall Street Journal stated that the biggest threats to information security often do not come from outsiders who only count for 20%, instead they come from the company's own employees or insiders which counts for around 80%. Most of the perceived risks could be reduced if people who utilize the technology have appropriate knowledge in utilizing that technology. Therefore, there is a necessity to improve our knowledge regarding the entrance points and accessible ways, in order to provide a preventive action and/or also the recovery action.


Driven by said conditions, BSI designs IT Security Total Solution, which consists of 3 phases

A. IT Security Consultation is a first phase on developing a secure IT environment. BSI will assess customer IT environment both for physical environment as well as people environment to determine the gap and improvement plan for customer. 

B. IT Security Development is the phase provide after we found out the GAP to be resolved. Our IT Security team will help client in developing either awareness in the client’s employee and/ or IT Security System. The development area will be:

  • A consultation class that is provided to give understanding on how to utilize IT Environment securely & effectively. The purpose of this class is to create awareness of the importance of IT Security in the employee mindset.
  • Based on the gap analysis of the developed environment in the client’s side, we can support to designed and then develop the improvement needed to create a secure environment. 
  • Client also might need to develop IT Security policy to guide its employees about how to utilize their IT environment. BSI IT Security Team will assist client to define the IT Security Policy appropriately since we have both experiences and expertise.

C. IT Security Support Service is the activity to maintain the developed secure IT environment. For this purpose BSI had prepare both the (ITSM base) operation framework and infrastructure to support any inquiries coming from event in daily transaction. One of the base infrastructure that we provide is a easy-to-reach helpdesk center. 



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