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By means of those more than 18 years experiences in dealing with client's requirement and expectation, BSI develop the consulting capabilities that can be classified into areas as:

  1. Assessment consultancy service, is the capability to support client to identified their IT need, by translating the business condition (pain or requirements) into IT function definition
  2. Development & Implementation consultancy service, is the capability to develop a system to be used in client environment. Our capability covers both the development of new system (cuztomized develop for specific need) and/or implement a package system, modified to the client's need.  
  3. Ad-Hoc (un-designed) consultancy service, is the capability to give consultation based on various cases in IT with non-IT solution, i.e procedural or policy base solution

In some cases BSI, BSI deliver all these consultancy in a set of activities but in some case also, each of these consultation service can be deliver independently

As a base of understanding in delivering this service, BSI use the methodology developed from CMMI process and practices.

The methodology used in BSI project delivery processes is as follow:


Some keypoints of this methodology are :

  1. The project is divided into several phase starting from pre-sales to closing activity where there will be quality review (called control gate) as our way to assure the project is going in the right track
  2. Peer review will be conducted in each phase to monitor the progress of the project 
  3. Each phase will have its own deliverable which need customer approval before continue to the next phase. 


 The methodology purpose is to help both of BSI and customer to control the quality of the deliverables, productivity and effectiveness of the service implementation. 


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