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We provide Data Center Solution for companies who wish to outsource and/or to co-locate their server. We realize it is necessary to provide a reliable environment for data center to minimize any chances of security breach. Located in central business area, BSI data center ensures you with integrity and functionality of its hosted server environment.



Major catastrophic –such as flood, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, etc– can occur anytime in unpredicted time. That is not to mention human-caused catastrophic such as terrorism, bombing, fire, etc. It’s very important for businesses to be ready to face it before they happen and threat business continuity. Since your business should run in almost any conditions, you should prepare other Data Center as your Disaster Recovery Management.

Our Data Center can serve you as your second Data Center or as Disaster Recovery Management (DRM). It will provide you backup support on many types of data and/or information whenever you need it and ensure your business continuity. Our Disaster Recovery Management Services provides:

  • Daily synchronization between client's server system and second Data Center to keep updating the database.
  • Daily performance monitoring 
  • Emergency Response Team  to recover what needed if incident happen.
  • 9 hours maximum for Recovery Time Objective (RTO)



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