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Every business can profit from efficient, streamlined process, insightful business intelligence and system that are flexible enough to grow with changing business needs. The solutions that can deliver these benefits can strain the budgets from small medium to even large enterprise. By utilizing SAP ERP, we put the power of integrated business solutions within your enterprise.

In the area of product package implementation, BSI has experiences in implementing well-known products, such as SAP Business One and SAP R/3. With experiences of implementing the product in more than 20 companies of several industries, create a proven track-record of our role in this business.

In complement of this ERP product and in-regards with our line of support for manufacturing industry, we enhance our port-folio with manufacturing application package, such as be.as and TPICS-X. This solution will help & support client which its core business is manufacturing.

Manufacturing company requires high production planning activities and rapid (time critical) planning activities to perform an effective production planning in convenience ways. Our solution is suitable with Indonesian manufacturers, especially those who conduct production planning based on customers fluctuate demand and orders or modifiable forecast. The solution is suitable for any kind of production type, from low to high repetition scale, from assembling to chemical process, from project production based to “built to order” based. 



​One of BSI capability is software development. Today’s business has unique process which needs a custom developed system to handle them. In regards with this need, BSI provides a group of qualified consultant and programmers, dedicated for the custom development area. This team basic aim is to analyze, design, develop and implement a custom developed system, based on customer business demand in regards with the process improvement.

Our customer in this business line spread from manufacturing to distribution, with portfolio ranged from MRP application, financial support application to Human Resources Management System.

As we develop many applications in many areas of business, our best practice in business implementation is also translated into a common application that we call product. Our proven products in this area currently are HYTO, a Human Resources Management System and D-NET, a dealer-principal communication tool.


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