PayG! Our New Invoice Solution

20 January 2021

Why choose Us?

PayG is the end-to-end solution for invoice process, from invoice received until AP (Account Payment) approved.

We build PayG for several reasons as follow:

  1. Work More, Do Less We really hate manual process seriously. So, we design solution to automate any manual process, from approval, notification and invoice update in each process of invoice. By running this design, we can focus on what matter: Invoice justification.
  2. Transparent Process & Monitoring Basis We cannot monitor what we cannot see. PayG is designed to be transparent, where anyone under set of privilege can see the status of the invoice in each process. Whether the invoice still on Procurement review / Finance & Accounting Review / In progress of Board of Director approval. With PayG, everyone keeps their eyes on in each invoice process.
  3. Help Others Yes, we want to encourage other sub unit to use or adopt our solution. We do not want to success internally, we want to make impact to other sub unit in BSI. We want to show them that we MUST to do something humanistic than do repetitive job, where simple tools can help.

PayG works at least consist of 5 process as follow:

  1. Invoice received, PIC Input to PayG and automatically become approval list to related PIC Superior
  2. Once approved, invoice automatically go through FAC for AP Process
  3. FAC attached AP document within PayG and submitted.
  4. Once submitted AP on related invoice, AP Approval automatically go to related approver in sequence
  5. Complete approval notified to related stakeholders automatically

The impact of the solution is significant. In the last 7 days, average invoice cycle from received until AP approved take 5-6 days, compare to previous condition before PayG exist is est. 2 weeks long.

What’s next?

We cannot stop here. We will improve our PayG until it feels like a marketable solution.

Also, we always open any suggestion from anyone who want to help us improve this solution

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