Who We Are

Our journey and our aspiration drive us today

Our Story

PT Berlian Sistem Informasi was started as an IT department in one of Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) subsidiaries which then spun off and established as an legal entity since 1996. That marks the beginning of the PT Berlian Sistem Informasi (BSI) journey to enable clients’ business through IT system of both application and infrastructure, and IT consultation.

Some facts about BSI:
  • With 20+ years of experiences, BSI provides services and consultation mainly to MC group and other Japanese companies.
  • In 2018 BSI was initiating development center in Yogyakarta.
  • BSI is committed to foster ethical work culture such as respect for human rights and employees.

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Our Core Value

Leading on Fairness and Integrity to deliver Very Excellent Service to Acquire Customer Trust

BoD Wisdom Words

Shinji Yokokawa

President Director of BSI

PT BERLIAN SISTEM INFOMASI (BSI) is an IT solution provider mainly for Mitsubishi automotive group companies. Established in 1996, BSI has accumulated advanced technologies and experience and has provided total IT solutions to customers. Our mission is to increase our value together with our customers by becoming familiar with the business and industry knowledge of our customers as well as IT. Nowadays, IT and digital are bringing innovations. Conventionally, input data was correctly processed and output in a closed infrastructure. However, as the needs for past transaction data analysis and strategical utilization rise, the current paradigm is shifting towards the use of cloud, AI, and mobile. We are a company of people aiming to be a family that continues to challenge new technologies as the times change to achieve our mission.

Why choose Us?

Yunus Toding

Director of BSI

"Always seek for the purpose and meaning.."

Why choose Us?

Nazri Elisda Lubis

Director of BSI

"Teamwork must be done in collaboration .. not just equally have some work .. "

Why choose Us?

Yasuhiro Yamamoto

Director of BSI

"To be able to ride and move forward with a bicycle, we will through falling over when learn how to balancing our self.. the key is never stop to rise!"

Why choose Us?

Fumihiko Umehara

Director of BSI

"Set your goals high.. a mountain goat will always go to top of the mountain, so if they failed go to the top.. they still higher than their predators.."

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