What We Aspire

We do the best thing in the best way

We aspire to be the most valuable and excellent IT company on automotive industry in Indonesia. Consequently, we are exploring state of the art technology which give value to resolve important needs of our clients. We decide to adopt and adapt IT thoroughly which improve our clients’ business value.


1996 : The Beginning of A Journey

It is started as an IT Department for manufacturing operation in KTB (Krama Yudha Tiga Berlian Motors). Then we decided to separate the IT Department into an IT Company with total employees around 120 and provided support in automotive manufacturing by adopting advanced production process automation.

2000 : Developing The Services

We focused on developing SAP package solution as our service. Additionally we started to develop our own system based on customer needs and started to develop others package solution to support customers from various industry.

2010 : Expanding The Business

We start to develop our own system & app then get one of the biggest MC subsidiaries in Indonesia as one of our trusted costumer. Meanwhile, we shifting our focus to support MC tenant.

2019 : The World of Data Digital

We finally began to develop and market our mobile app product. As the world is transforming to Digital Era, we also began to step in by developing our knowledge and skill on digital marketing and data science. Currently we have expanded our numbers into more than 200 employees in total.

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