About BSI


PT. Berlian Sistem Informasi, is an IT solution provider founded in 1996, in Jakarta, Indonesia, with more than 100 people involved in the relationship with their customer.

BSI mission is to provide solution to customer's business needs through ICT solution, in consequence of years of experiences as ICT solution provider both for application and infrastructure area. 

Being one of the subsidiaries of Mitsubishi Corporation, our global business and knowledge networking lies from USA (MI-BS), Brazil (MC1), Tokyo (TCS Japan) Shanghai (I-Vision), and Thailand (TPIT).

As an ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 certified company, supported by proven well-trained professionals experienced in wide-ranged areas, from the automotive to logistic industries, with type of business form manufacturing to service business.

Our 19 years of experience as a solution provider, both for application areas and infrastructure area, emerge an expertise that creates a firm level of service to be offered as a total solution to our customer needs.

In collaboration with reliable brand names, we strive to assist our customer in achieving success in their business, as in our world ‘your success is our treasure’.


BSI is a Foreign Capital Investment company, since 90% of our share owned by Mitsubishi Corporation, head quartered in Tokyo, Japan.
Listed as a President Director is Mr. Naoki Ito and Vice President Director is Mr. Yoshinori Kawahara, both assigned from Mitsubishi Corporation


BSI mission is to provide the best solution to the customer business needs, through IT solution. This mission in coated with the wish to contribute to the development of Indonesian Information Technology environment.

BSI business concept approach is total solution, as we try to see the need of our customer from their business angle. Our business process methodology illustrates integrated end to end IT services performance.

BSI Business lifecycle is presented as :

As we focus on how to delight our customer, our mission is always providing the best solution towards customers business. We always believe that our customers’ growth is our growth.


BSI gathered best people graduated from best universities all over Indonesia to serve our customer with knowledge, ability to understand and will to serve.
As a professional in each businesses area, BSI people dedicate themselves to provide the best service to all of our customer.
As living in a creative environment, using the accumulated knowledge and experience in a solid teamwork, we are sure of the ability to fulfill our commitment of providing the best solution to our customer’s need


As lies in the center of Jakarta city, one of the most hectic cities of the world, we dedicate ourselves to support the will of the city to free herself from pollution, we try to enforce ourselves to go green. Our effort to minimize the usage of paper and efficiently use the electricity is directed in this purpose.

As we realize the pollution level of this city, BSI management give direction on performing the “car sharing” program, where BSI people are endorsed to come and leave the office in a shared car. This sharing session not only aimed to reduce the number of cars passing on Jakarta streets, but more on emerging the awareness of saving the environment, as we believe that Jakarta needs our care to save it.


Information Security is defined in order to support BSI’s vision and mission in doing business in terms the management of “Information”. This section introduces basic concepts that anyone have commitment to follow good information security practice should be aware of.